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From simple tenancy disputes to complex cross-border investment disputes, our litigation team acts for wide spectrum of matters and is able to provide you with amicable solutions, whether you are pursuing or to defencing a claim.

Small Claims

If the amount involved in your claim is less than £10,000 and the matter does not involve complicated arguments, you can file a small claim using the Money Claim Online portal provided by the government. You will be able to issue a claim against the wrongdoer after court fee is paid. The amount of court fee is based on the amount of the claim plus interest (usually 8%), you can find more details here.  If you cannot afford to pay the court fee, you can apply for help here.


Normally you do not need a lawyer in small claims cases because in most of the case legal fee cannot be recovered even if you have won. However, you may still want to seek legal advice in formulating your claim or more importantly, to defend a claim against you. It is because although small claim is a simpler legal procedure, the effect of a judgment against you would have the same adverse effect on you.  A judgment against you would stay on your credit record for 6 years making you very difficult to apply for a credit.  If you refuse to pay a judgment debt, your judgment creditor might apply for a charging order against your assets or file a bankruptcy petition you.  If you want to seek help with your claim, our special small claim team will be able to help you with drafting the claim form, defence, attend hearing on your behalf, and enforcement of judgments. Contact us by email to or using the enquiry form below. 

High value or complicated disputes

Taking someone to court could be a time consuming and costly way to resolve a dispute. We will advice our client to explore the possibility and feasibility to resolve the dispute by alternative dispute resolutions like mediation or arbitration. We will give you the estimate the frame and agree with you costs that would likely incurred from the outset to avoid expectation gap. As the case proceeds, we will keep you updated from time to time and our team is always approachable to answer your questions. The services that we provide include but not limited to:


  • consumer disputes

  • commercial and contract disputes

  • professional negligence

  • cross-boarder and international disputes

  • property disputes

  • landlord and tenant disputes

  • debt recovery


The above list is not exhaustive, please contact our team to discuss your matter.